First I heard you, from the balcony of my hotel room. Then I saw you, a sea of students has flooded the streets, I came running. Heart racing, my mind made up I too would be a voice for your cause. Do you see me? I walked by you … you didn’t see me. In fact you looked right by me, brushing against my shoulder as you passed. So you felt me, then you must have seen me. Yet, you didn’t acknowledge me. So I decided to hold my ground, I didn’t change my mind, I stood there, I kept the course I walked right beside you thinking maybe just maybe you would look up and see me. You would turn and look at me, smile embrace another student who chooses to fight. You didn’t. I was invisible. I am visible, I am here I am present. I want so badly want to yell HELLO! HI! MY NAME IS! You don’t care. I care. I care so much, I so badly want you to care as much as it hurt to not be seen. Look at me. Stop ignoring me. Please, look just something small, just look at me. Maybe if you see me, you’ll feel my passion, look! Another brush of the shoulder, and nothing.  


Personal Photo was taken in Mar Del Plata, (Province of Buenos Aires) Argentina. Student protest in the city central against government changes to school curriculum and defunding of programs. Translation “No forgetting, no forgiving”. Photo credit: Angel Patterson



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