You don’t see me, fine. I know you will hear me, you will acknowledge my presence, as it can’t be denied. I won’t be denied. I was abroad, in another country, a person of color, a woman and a student. I saw first hand the aggression against people of color although those people were few and far between. I was mainly the only one just me walking the streets of Buenos Aires, I assumed education had no color lines. The government was cutting funding for academic and professional programs, changing the curriculum and cutting internships. So students protested, took to the streets and proclaimed their truths, cried out how things must change. Moved, I too wanted to be apart of this change as I come from the land of the free and home of the brave. We fight, we stand up, and we create the change we wish to see. I walked along side, seduced by the beating of drums and the chanting of the students. At first completely ignored then I was met with cold stares. No one sounded like me that was obvious I was an American, but more strikingly no one looked like me. They stared at me and made me feel like their fight wasn’t my fight. I could’ve been from anywhere, pick a place world, my aesthetic is so ambiguous. It didn’t matter, I was different I wasn’t them I had no place there. They walked passed me, brushed against me as though I wasn’t supposed to be there as though I wasn’t there, yet again invisible. In a sea of a thousand young like-minded students with goals and dreams, the hopes of creating a future for myself, and for those to come it didn’t matter. Among a crowd so large I was drowned out and neglected, passed by, and dismissed. I AM HERE! You don’t care. I care. I wish you cared as much as I cared, for your mission includes me, and those who look like me. Please care.



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