I speak
I don’t speak
I go ahead
I hesitate
I open up
I cage in
Or they cage me in
I saw the image just as they did
The motion occurring in front of my eyes
Mass majority agree and see one thing
I see no fault
That cop was doing his duty
Keeping others safe
The everyday goal he wakes up to
Trying to stop the perpetrator
Why is he the bad guy
I raised my hand
Raised my voice
I believe there is no fault
And right away
I was shot down
They all stared
No respect to my voice
Professor said I should say no more
I was kept quiet all class long
Not allowed to speak
To express myself
But isn’t that what a college is supposed to be for
Wasn’t offending anyone
Just standing up for what I believed
C’s and D’s would be my grade from then on
Before all were A’s
Truly unfair
Grade based on personal feelings towards me
Maybe next time I should not voice out
I should not speak
Never said a word to anyone
Didn’t want to fail the course
It’s easier that way
I don’t speak
I hesitate
I cage in
They caged me in



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