You wait in an office, that is identical to the rest of the office spaces on your campus.





Bulletin boards about sexual harassment embellish this foreign office.





You are handed a large booklet that is filled with information you need to know after that night.


The night that changed your life forever.


You touch the front page “Your right to know”

You open the booklet and skim through it.

“Sexual harassment”, “Domestic Abuse” “AIDs”

Your eyes widen.

You remember that night. Now, in fear of your life.


You continue reading

Is what I lived with, sexual harassment?

“Sexual teasing”. Check.

“Sexual slurs”. Check.

“Pressure to accept invitation”. Check.

“Sexual touching”. Check.


You continue to read and relive that night. You look at what occurred, what was done and what you didn’t do.


You finally meet with your investigator.

You are assigned a new schedule, a therapist,

A new life.


You will take tests. Boundaries will be pushed.

Your campus will quietly supply you with all of the resources needed to continue living.

To make sure that treacherous encounter, never dampers your new life. Again.



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