You notice that there is a different dynamic at your college. You notice that there are a lot more sexual harassment signs surrounding your campus, pamphlets being handed out, and PSA’s being offered.

Your college is finally taking a stand and understanding that there is a problem; sexual harassment is a real concern of many adults and students must know that there voices, whether loud, or soft will be heard.

Your college has been sending a lot more emails that explain that sexual harassment is something that exists in schools.

Your college warns you that there has been sexual harassment cases in certain buildings. That building is where your classes are.

You receive an email that explains what sexual harassment is and what to do if you are a victim.


You listen to this PSA, as they go through their check-list, which is incredibly relatable to the life you are currently living.

You notice that you don’t feel safe, that someone is always watching.

You are noticing different sorts of harassment on your campus, and cannot feel safe anymore.


“Please Speak Up.” “Please Speak Out”.


Those words run through your head. You feel as if you are a victim of sexual altercations, but are too afraid to reveal what is occurring in your life on campus.


“Please Speak Up.” “Please Speak Out”


You are encouraged to speak out. You must speak up.

For your safety.

For the safety of those around you.  


“Be careful, but don’t turn away”

We are all in this together. We need to protect one another.



Find your bravery. Find your voice. To help someone in need.



Tell people, tell anyone who has authority. It is your time to be someone’s savior, or your own if you “Speak Out” and “Speak Up”



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