Student Union

Welcome to our Student Union! Here you will meet the authors and creators of this lyric project inspired by Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric. Our names are Brittany, Kate, Lissette, and Angel. Read on to get to know us a little better…

Meet Brittany!

I am Senior in Queens College studying Elementary Education and English. It is important for everyone to be able to express and interpret anything life throws their way. Creating lyrics about factual instances that occur on college campuses allows you to step in a different pair of shoes, feel what they are feeling and experience what they have experienced. It is important to me to be able to touch your life and teach you something that will be life changing.

Meet Kate!

I am a Junior at Queens College and intend to be an English major in order to pursue a publishing career. I think sharing the individual stories and perspectives that may be different from our own lived experience is one of the greatest gifts we have. The opportunity presented by this project, to create three lyric poems as inspired by Claudia Rankine, allowed me a way to experience a situation I was aware of but, thankfully, have not lived. The process of creating these lyrics has brought me a new level of awareness which I hope you, the reader, may also experience.

Meet Lissette!

I am a junior at Queens College who is pursuing a Secondary Education Major in English with a minor in journalism. Claudia Rankine’s Citizen depicts discrimination and the emotions that come along with it that many times are ignored. Just like Rankine’s Citizen, our Collegiate Urban Lyric will shed light upon the discrimination and various injustices faced by college students. Our lyric will give a voice to all those students who were silenced by unjust circumstances and individuals that therefore could not voice their truths, their emotions, their suffering, their trauma and their opinions. Our lyric is the door through which they can open up about their life experiences and express in full emotion what they endured. This lyric depicts how many individuals voice out that the unfair situation they were exposed to did not bring them down and that they are rather willing to keep their stand and keep thriving for what is right and for what they believe in.  Our lyric gives each and every one of these students a strong and bold voice and shows in full depth their bravery and the admiration they have to their very own voices.

Meet Angel!

A junior at Queens College and English Literature major, enjoys research and analysis and found great insight and inspiration from Rankine’s Citizen. My lyrics reflect my own personal experiences abroad as a woman, student and person of color. The purpose is to show how discrimination both subtle and direct can impact a person’s experience and perspective. Drawing from Citizen I created lyrics about what it felt like to be different and essentially alone in a foreign country while trying to immerse myself in their culture and relate as a student.